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elissa harrington is on the ground with the latest information what can you tell us. >> reporter: there's mud and water everywhere. this is what we're seeing throughout several blocks in this daly city neighborhood. here here on lasaine and price street and police say that it appears a water main broke somewhere up the hill so the water has been gushing down flooding the streets. some cars have water going past their tires. we have some video a little bit earlier. let's bring that up. residents have been waking up. they tell me because of the sound of o hospitallers. they're -- helicopters. there are police out here, firefighters out here. and when residents walk outside and see this, a lot of them concerned. quite a few have been evacuated from their homes and last we heard, they were going to a nearby park. we have yet to speak with any of those people and are still trying to get updates from police and firefighters, but a a big mess clean up here. when we first arrived it looked like there was gushing water
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and at this point everything seems to be still. maybe they're getting things under control up the hill but we will get the latest information and get back to you shortly. in that video we just saw, dramatic, the flooding is going to the top of the cars tires. some people will not be able to get out. obviously the volts are blocked off. this is the area of east market and lasaine avenue. we made this map for you to show you the general location. as elissa harrington mentioned it's going to be a big mess to clean up. looks like hillside boulevard is probably the best alternate in that that area. the biggest street in that neighborhood of hillside park. we're following two separate traffic alerts, one of which has been clear. westbound highway 4 at somersville, this one is still
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there. look at the sensors, it is going to be extra heavy traffic heading through antioch. kind of a mess across that stretch. much better news now near tracy, all lanes back open. eastbound 580. pretty bad crash. anyway we don't have live traffic sensors, but hearing about bad traffic jams. they have all lanes open so hopefully some improvement here shortly. that is your time saver traffic. back to you guys. a stunning turn of events in the scandal involving david petreaus. >> the investigation now involves general john allen who replaced petreaus adds top american commander in afghanistan and last night they searched the home of paula broadwell of whom petreaus had that extramarital fair with. tara mergener has the latest from washington. good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning. it becomings more complicated by the day, the latest development threatening the career of one o of the biggest names in the u.s. military. general john allen, the man who succeeded david petreaus as head o of the international forces in afghanistan is linked to the fbi investigation involving his predecessor. >> general allen is entitled to due process in this matter. >> reporter: secretary of defense leon panetta says the fbi has turned it over to the department of nefs investigator -- defense investigators. it centers around potentially inappropriate e-mails with jill kelley. that woman who sparked the investigation that led to petreaus' resignation from the head of the cia. >> my sister is a dedicated mother and wife. >> reporter: she first went to the fbi when she received threatening e-mails from an anonymous source. they were allegedly linked to paula broadwell. she was having an affair with
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petreaus and reportedly believed kelley was a romantic rival for his attention. investigators searched broadwell's home. they didn't say what they were looking for but carried out boxes boxes and a computer. general allen is in washington dc on his new job for head of the u.s. european command. president obama has now agreed to put the general's confirmation for that post on hold. >> while this matter is under investigation and before the facts are determined, general allen will remain commander. >> reporter: general allen denies he has done anything wrong. and the defense secretary is asking in a confirmation hearing for allen's successor be moved up. >> jill kelley was named as the first person who sparked the investigation into the affair and now she's linked to general allen as well. >> reporter: well, what we can
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tell you is she's 37 years old. she's essentially a socialite. during the years 2008 to 2010, she apparently had many parties for david petreaus. a close friend and family friend by all accounts and frank, she is also married. >> we know that, you know, david petreaus has stepped down now but what is the status of the affair. >> reporter: well, apparently according to reports the affair ended about four months ago. has been going on apparently since david petreaus took the position as head o of the cia last year. by all accounts we're hearing that the affair ended. it was a mutual agreement. however, the contact with paula broadwell continued because she was writing a dissertation on his role as u.s. commander overseas. >> live in washington, tara mergener, thank you. it is 6:05. a trip to texas four years ago at the bottom of a big shake up at the port of oakland, the
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executive director there omar benjamin announced he's stepping down. this amid a scandal of paying for strippers with public money. james kwon, the two ran up a bill for more than 4500 dollars while retains shipping exec -- entertaining shipping executives. kwon is away on a business trip. the founder of mcafee associates is now a person of interest in a murder case. john mcafee sold his remaining shares of the event virus software company in the 1990s. police in belize want to question him about the shooting death of a neighbor last weekend. this is not the first brush with the law for mcafee and the police. >> he has enormous resources at his disposal and that's allowed
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him to do whatever he wants. >> earlier this year they raided the 67-year-old's home and confiscated firearms. charges were dropped. wire magazine says mcafee called to declare his innocence in the murder case and says he has buried himself up to his neck in sand just to hide from the police. police in southern california shot and killed a u.s. marine from san jose this weekend. officers with the palm springs police say corporal allen dvalena, the marine hit one of the officers with a car in his parking lot and that's when police open fired, killing him. another marine with him was arrested for public intoxication intoxication. investigators in marin county are looking into a deadly accident in which a truck plunged into nicasio reservoir. emergency workers pulled the
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victim from the truck and tried unsuccessfully to resuscitate him. a verdict will be announced in the trial of a rapist. frederick doser is accused of raping and beating three women. the jury reached a verdict on friday and it will be publicly announced today at about 9:30. and a morgan hill woman is expected to enter a plea to face charges including abandoned her young daughter. prosecutors say marcy erico attended a shop -- attempted to shoplift and then abandoned her daughter to face security guards and police. lawrence is about to do a little rain dance. >> time to clean out the gutters and get ready to go. we're going to enjoy nice days today and looks like things changing in a hurry toward the latter part the of the week. lots of sunshine showing up in the bay area. a great day head. we should see warmer temperatures outside. mostly clear skies. a little chilly still in the valleys, down to the 30s there
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in the concord and alternatives into santa rosa. d also -- also into santa rosa. a lot of clouds streaming into northern california. you see them buckle just a bit as they run over the ridges. occasionally we may see high clouds drifting overhead but we're going to stay draw in the bay area. -- dry in the bay area. today we'll see these temperatures pushing 70 degrees in some of the warmer spots. 68 in livermore. about 67 in san jose and 65 degrees in san francisco. we have a whole lot of rain we put back in the forecast. we're going to be talking about that coming up in just a few minutes. >> i'll take it lawrence, thanks. 6:09. video game enthusiests claymoring for a hot new release . the game is called call of duty black ops 2 and it went on sale at midnight and a
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lot of people could call in sick to play the game all night and into the day. gamers say it's all worth the effort. >> i hope it's like better and allotheria and i just like it -- all the new, and i just like it for the general, you know. >> the game reinvolves around a war zone, and drones players can complete against each other or strategize with other gamers around the world. >> here's a look at a line of people it has a story mode that takes about 8 hours to play through. it is rated mature for aging 17 and older. and if they got it at midnight, they are still playing right now. >> you and lawrence need to come over and we'll all play. call of duty and halo4. time is 6:11.
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#úfó [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. wench continue to follow our breaking news, a water main break, flooding roadways and even cars, and forcing some evacuations in that hillside park neighborhood. you're looking live from overhead. this is the view from chopper 5 a. the intersection that it's impacting, east market street and lasaine avenue. a residential neighborhood. this first broke out an hour
6:15 am
ago. it's just a mess out there. a real mess o to -- mess to clean up. and streets blocked off. we'll have a live report from the scene shortly. in the meantime we have a couple pretty bad traffic accidents on major freeways including westbound i-4 at somersville. this is jammed up through antioch. past somersville things improve but the left lane is blocked. it's a bad hot spot at this time of the morning anyway. eastbound 580, ale lanes are back out. -- all lanes are back o -- open. this is in the santa cruz area. ben lomond, stick blocked. and pg&e thousands of people still without power because it did knock down a power poll injury crash cross that stretch. this is the golden gate bridge,
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no delay heading out of marin county. we had traffic cameras all across the bay area. here's one at the bay bridge where it looks like they turned the metering bridge on in the cash and fast track lanes. it's backing up and we'll show you one more live look. and northbound and southbound, both actually moving okay so far this morning between san jose and santa clara as i step back you can see the live traffic. that is a check of your time saver traffic. for more on your weather, here's lawrence. >> we have a lot of sunshine coming our way today. temperatures going to be running up a few degrees from yesterday's highs outside right now. mostly clear skies. occasionally passing clouds. the temperatures chilly in spots in some of the valley. otherwise we have plenty of sunshine toward the afternoon and some mild temperatures and probably dry through thursday, but this is the time to clean up the yard, get ready to go. we have a change in the weather
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pattern coming up. high pressure holding on right now. up the coast line riding up into northern california and into oregon. we're going to stay dry as long as this ridge stays in place. eventually this trough carves itself out and it's going to open the storm door. maybe even heating up a few more degrees as we head in to tomorrow. in far northern california maybe showers. in eureka, 59 degrees. 68 in fresno and 67 in the monterey bay. lots of sunshine in the afternoon, just a couple of occasionally high passes clouds. 64 in pacifica. east bay well into the 60s by this afternoon. 68 in livermore. and santa rosa checking in at 67 degrees. 65 in san francisco and 63 in
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daly city. the next few days looking good. lots of sunshine by the afternoon. a few more clouds begin to move into our skies on thursday but by friday a chance of showers return. that will open the door. it looks like a fairly stormy weekend. in fact sunday pretty good storm headed in our direction. president obama will meet with labor leaders today and business leaders tomorrow. all in hopes of saving the u.s. from that so called fiscal cliff. he is hoping to get various groups of the two major parties to make agreements owner a budget plan. if a -- on a budget plan. if a deal is not reached spending cuts will automatically set in. the president will meet friday with democratic and congressional leaders as well. there's a marriage in arizona that i think might be heading to divorce court. >> i think you're right, the issue in this love story is the presidential election of all things. holly solomon is under arrest for what happened after she found out president obama won reelection and that her husband did not vote. here's part of the 911 call.
6:19 am
>> he got out of the car, and she was screaming at him and he started walking away and she started driving in circles around him. and she wouldn't let him go. he took off to try to get away and she ran into him. >> she is facing assault with a deadly weapon charge. her husband is in the hospital with serious internal injuries. it's 6:19, back to normal starting today at gas stations this new jersey. >> things are starting to lightningen up there. the garden -- lighten up there. it was all put into place because of the shortages because of the big storm but the rationing system will remain in place for parts of new york city for the time being but lines are beginning to shrink as things slowly get back it normal. check it out, a large hole opened up in the front yard that central florida. the owner didn't notice it. he rushed his son off to school and later discovered a big chung of the front lawn was
6:20 am
missing, at least 25 feet wide and since then it's more than doubled. geologists took a look at it and found that the house is safe. they are not sure what caused the hole in the first place, but that's a big hole to fill. >> it's not too far away from the house, so i would be a little concerned. >> how do you miss it, going to school,son. >> i don't know. he's focused. it's 6:20 right now. talk about a diet soda, the pepsi that promises to to help you lose weight. and we have a hot potato, the pittsburgh players juggle, the play of the day. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, we're still following this breaking news in a daly city neighborhood. a water main break has forced
6:24 am
evacuations, closed streets and flooded cars. stuck up to their tires in mud, we'll have a live report from the scene coming up. it is chilly in the valley this morning, temperatures down to 35 degrees in fairfield, 38 in concord and 39 in santa rosa. more on the weather coming up. victoria secret is used to turning heads. >> this morning it's apologizing for what one model wore on the runway. the company had a model wear a native american head dress. native american groups said it was insensitive and disrespectful so they will edit that scene out of their annual fashion show that airs next month right here on cbs5. i'm not sure too many people would be looking at the head dress. >> you said it not me. get skinny by drinking pepsi, the beverage maker has launched a fat blocking soda. it goes on sale in japan tomorrow. it contains dextrin a which is a fiber that's supposed to
6:25 am
reduce fat levels. this is pepsi's first health food, the company is no stranger to introducing interesting flavors like salty water melon and strawberry and milk. play of the day, this morning we're going to go to pittsburgh, last night's monday night game, we have the steelers and the chiefs and ben rothless roth -- is going to pass to wallace and reels it in and they beat kansas city and lost their quarterback to the so it's going to hurt pittsburgh. >> 6:25. the call of duty, a contingent, why a video game is causing people to call in people today. >> you have to be a gamer frank. and expanding investigation another top american general is caught up in the david petreaus probe. >> and several homes evacuated
6:26 am
after what appears to be a water main break floods a daly city neighborhood. we'll show you live pictures and hear from neighbors, coming up. ,,
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a river of mud races througa bay area neighborhood.. stranding cars and leaving debris.. as crews race to fd th a river of mud races thaw bay area neighborhood stranding cars and leaving debris as crews race to find the source. good morning i'm michelle griego. it's tuesday november 13th. >> incredible video, i'm frank mallicoat. time is 6:29 and we begin the half hour with that breaking news. we're going to look at live pictures from shopper 5. -- chopper 5. it's over the hildale park neighborhood. it's in daly city and this
6:30 am
river of mud has flown down the hill and into backyards as well. elissa harrington is live on the ground in one of those neighborhoods and what can you tell us. >> reporter: people were brought to the community center. i hope you can hear me. we might be having a problem with audio. let's look at the pictures behind us. residents are waking up to see mud covering their streets. crews were dispatched right before 6:00 a.m. to the daly city neighborhood. that's what it looks like. >> elissa harrington reporting. she's obviously having some audio problems but showing us pretty amazing pictures. >> we saw that one van where the mud was almost over the wheel down there and all this mud is just coming down off the hill and they got the first call around 6:00 and it's
6:31 am
causing a big mess, not only for the homeowners but for traffic in the area and with more on that, let's kick if over to liz now. now that the sun is coming up, we can get a better idea o of the damage in that area. there are street closures in market street and lausanne avenue. the hillside park neighborhood. a number of homes had to be evacuated and look at that video, cars stuck up to the top of the tires in mud. mostly a residential neighborhood as we mentioned but we've been checking the area, bridgemont high school and a middle school in the area. not sure what that means for the start of classes. westbound 80 approaching san pack o -- san pablo, and it's stacking up into hercules and a multicar crash involving up to 8 cars, westbound highway 4 in
6:32 am
antioch approaching somersville and traffic alert in effect there. let's show you bright spots. a live look at the nimitz, 880 in oakland, no delay between hayward and downtown. heading out toward san jose for the silicon valley drive. more traffic coming up. back to you guys. we were having audio issues earlier, but elissa harrington is back live with us in that neighborhood. >> reporter: you can see some of the flooding right behind me. we're talking about water and mud but the good news is the water has been turned off so there's not any new flooding but a big mess to clean up. we have learned that 8 homes were evacuated early this morning and those people were sent to the talia community center crews were dispatched at 6:00 a.m. to the neighborhood. it sits just below hillside park. there is a water storage facility at the park and although police are l not
6:33 am
confirm that that's to the -- will not confirm that that's where the source of that water came from, that's what it looks like from video we got this morning. water gushed down the hill on lausanne avenue bringing mud and debris. there's water covering car tires. debris going into drainage systems and a lot of very confused residents. >> hopefully it doesn't reach our house. my house is right around the corner there and i woke up this morning and heard the helicopters and turned on the news and this is what it is. >> reporter: again, police are not confirming where the water came from: originally they said it appeared to be some sort of water main break, but again, there is that water storage facility at the park up the hill. that is where the water was gushing from all morning creating all of this mud. some people can't even get their cars out from in front of their homes because of how much mud there is this morning.
6:34 am
but despite the big mess, police say at this point it does not appear that any homes were damaged. in daly city, elissa harrington cbs 5. >> it's going to be quite the mess to clean up. thank you elizabeth. a bizarre twist in the scandal involving david petreaus. the investigation now involves general john allen who replaced petreaus as the top u.s. commander in afghanistan and last night the fbi searched the north carolina home of paula broadwell, she's the biographer with whom petreaus had an affair. tara mergener has the latest from washington. >> reporter: general john allen, top u.s. commander in afghanistan is linked to the scandal involving former cia chief david petreaus. federal investigators are looking into inappropriate e- mail communications between allen and tampa socialite jill kelley. she is the woman who complained to the fbi about receiving threatening e-mails from paula broadwell, petreaus'
6:35 am
girlfriend. petreaus resigned friday after his affair with broadwell became public. officials have told cbs news that details from the case began to surface in june when broadwell e-mailed kelley telling her to stay away from petreaus. the a senior official says the latest investigation centers on 20 to 30,000 pages of e-mails and documents from the communications with kelley. he's in washington dc for senate confirmation hearings for the new job at european command. president obama has agreed to put the confirmation for that post on hold. leon panetta issued a statement saying while the matter is under investigation general allen will remain commander of the isap. general allen denies he's done anything wrong. >> secretary panetta had named the replacement for
6:36 am
afghanistan. panetta says held like the senate to confirm joseph dunford as soon as possible. jill kelley is 37 years old, grew up in philadelphia and lives in tampa. she's an unpaid social liaison home to the u.s. central command. she and her husband reportedly became friends with petreaus and his wife when he was head of sencom from 2008 to 2010. the director of the port of oakland is out. omar benjamin's e retirement comes amid allegations that he ran up a big tab from taxpayers at a strip club. it shows benjamin and james kwon spent 4500 dollars of the public's money while entertaining shipping executives at a strip club. acting director deborah flint will take over benjamin's duties now.
6:37 am
6:37, why don't we get a check on the water. >> you have to like the rain because it's coming later this week. >> enjoy the sunshine while we have it today. might be a good time it clean up the yard. looks like lots of sunshine for today and the temperatures starting out on this glorious morning, a little chilly in some of the valleys, we have 30s in some the of the interior valleys. 39 in santa rosa. 42 in san jose. and a mild 51 to start off in san francisco. and by the afternoon a few high clouds and most of the energy running over the top of the ridge. any chance of rain will be in far northern california. it will stay dry and temperatures likely to come up a few degrees. 70 degrees in morgan hill. 67 the expected high in san jose. east bay temperatures running well into the 60s under mostly sunny skies and even inside the bay, those temperatures should be comfortable this afternoon, very mild, 67 in oakland, 65 in
6:38 am
san francisco and 65 in south toledo. there's big changes coming. we could see rain. the storm door could open on friday and more on that coming up in a few minutes, back to you. the san mateo county district attorney plans to make a decision today on what steps to take after a judge threw out murder charges in a high profile case. david lewis was gunned down at the hillsdale shopping mall in 2010. police said his killer was childhood friend gregory elarms of pittsburgh. the judge in the case threw out the charges. >> the real question was at one point when mr. e elarms was talking about wanting an attorney, whether or not the questioning all should have stopped. and the judge said it should have. it is something we don't agree with. >> the da says elarms was not under arrest when he talked about the murder to police and there was no obligation o to read his miranda rights now there may be an appeal or a refiling of charges.
6:39 am
chevron says it will repair equipment damage in the richmond refinery charges in august. repairing it rather than replacing it means they will not have to install the latest clean air technology. the new technology has to be installed when major changes are made. it's been a successful opening of the paragon outlet maul in livermore. several merchants report sales records and they are trying to ease traffic problems around the mall. the release of a hot new video game has people dropping everything to get ahold of it. this is a game stop store on market street right here in san francisco. the game is called call of duty black ops 2 and it went on sale at midnight and now a lot of people could be calling in sick to play the game all night and into the day. gamers say it is worth the wait.
6:40 am
>> i hope it's like better for kill streets and all that and i just like it, you get to be some people and everything. >> the game revolves around a r war zone of advanced military technologies, weapon are you and drones. -- weaponry, and they can strategize with gamers around the world. >> the graphics are pretty amazing. time is 6:40. it is the hottest trend in technology, brian cooley seen right over there with what tablet computer is right for you, coming up. and time to wake up. what the chp is doing to put the brakes on drowsy driving. and the market opened 10 minutes ago, let's look at the early numbers. last week was tough. and out of the gate this morning, we are in negative territory there. we'll mix up those numbers and talk to jason brooks when we come back next. and we have a break with
6:41 am
live pictures from chopper 5. cars stranded in the mud. take a look. an update on the water main break that's flooded a daly city neighborhood. ,, been shopping so smart, cash back with your freedom card
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damage is out there in daly fter some sort of you're taking live look at chopper 5 right now showing as the sun comes up just how much damage is out there in daly city after a water main break sent a river of mud and part of a mountain sliding down. you can see the cars there, many of them just stuck in all of that mud. and flooding from the broken water main has forced evacuations. cate cauguiran joins us at the community center where several residents are waiting for an update. >> reporter: i'm actually
6:45 am
joined with a couple of the evacwees, brother sister, jessica and jeff juan, i know you were awoken at 5 in the morning. , tell us what happened. >> police started ringing the doorbell and the gates and told us to evacuate. i look out the window and what i see, mud. mud on the hood of my car, and i was like, oh, no, really. what a great way to start the morning. >> reporter: and jessica i know you were talking about the family car, what happened with that. >> it's halfway filled up to the tires so we can't drive out of the driveway. >> reporter: what does it look like out there. >> it's fillinged with thick mud and water running down the street. we had to evacuate and i mean, the center area is actually across the street from my house and we had to walk all the way around. >> reporter: how is this going
6:46 am
to affect both of your mornings. >> to me it's more concern about my belongings in the house. they said to park my class and all my stuff, my belongings, my memories, not too sure what's going to happen. do i really want to go to work, maybe, i don't know. >> reporter: and for you jessica. >> i'll try to make it to work later on but we'll see what happens. i have my stuff to get ready for work. we are worried about our belongings inside the house. >> reporter: that was jeff and jessica wong. they are one of ten families evacuated. nobody was allowed to drive off the street. they're here at the community center which is a designated evacuation center. >> at least they have a good attitude about it. a bay area auto maker wins an automotive award. here's jason brooks with cbs money watch.
6:47 am
>> motor trend named the tessla s, first all electric daughter to get the honor. -- car to get the honor. half the price of the original roadster. home depot topped out earnings expectation, a sign of the repounding housing market, revenue up to $18 billion and also expected to benefit from the rebuilding out east of hurricane sandy. market hitting lower at the open, let's look at the numbers. dow dropping 5 points, nasdaq down by 12. s&p down by # points and -- # points. and jason brooks, thank you. it used to be all about the ipad and now we're seeing explosion of new tablet technology. frank cooley is here to show us the tablets for the holiday.
6:48 am
>> we used tobies about the ipad, $500 and up and a lot of folks didn't buy one because they were large and expensive. here are three new trends, this is a window's surface tablet, this is new on the market. it has an easel built in like so and also notice that the cover down here,. >> you have the key bad. >> is a keyboard and this folds up into a flat tablet but with easel and keyboard built in. it can run microsoft office which is a computer productivity suite. >> is that brand new. >> this is brand new. it's only been on the market a week. this guy is about 600 bucks for 32 gigabytes with this key abort cover -- keyboard cover. it's between a full computer and a tablet. >> you have smaller toys. you just got the ipad mini.
6:49 am
although i have the kindle fire. >> you have to have a wide hand to get it around. >> the black one on my other hand is the google 7. these are both in the mid size class of tablets which is new and red hot this year. there are other alternates as well. they tend to be lower prices. google can be as little as 200 become 200 -- bucks. >> if you want to go even smaller, let me show you what's called a fablet. look how big it is in my handle. compare that to a 7-inch tablet. it's chungy, but that is a 5 point, 4-inch screen on this guy. this is a samsung galaxy note 2. it's a little more than that smart phone. it has a stylish you can use to write on it with. it tries to be more of a tweener on the smaller side. >> how do you keep up with this. >> you have to look for the
6:50 am
features that matter and don't get caught up in the guts of these things. they all do about the same thing. what you're looking for is how powerful they are and how portable they are. >> and they're all available. >> they're all available on the market right now. none of this is smoke or mirrors. >> he's the best. >> and you can find more of his tech watch segments on let's find out what the weather is brewing for us. >> we have changes on our way. enjoy the sunshine while we have it. headed out the door right now, chilly in spots. the sun coming up. a few high clouds overhead. we'll see more o on and off throughout the day today. mostly clear start and then some chilly temperatures inland. some of the numbers down into the 30s now but mild temperatures expected by the afternoon with plenty of sunshine, just a couple of passing clouds. i think the weather is going to stay dry through thursday and fairly mild but we have a big change in the weather pattern. high pressure sitting overhead, you can see the clouds buckle
6:51 am
over the top of the ridge. rain up in northern california. we're going to stay dry as long as the ridge stays in place. that will be the next few days. and eventually it will carve along the west coast and things will change. these temperatures looking fairly mild by this afternoon. looking good today, a mostly clear start. lots of sunshine by the afternoon. temperatures there in the 60s. across the country, not bad. mid 60s into houston. 48 degrees in denver. 41 nice and sunny in chicago. rain could cause problems if you're headed toward new york. looks like the next couple of days we're going to see similar temperatures to these, 70 degrees in morgan hills. 67 in palo alto and 64 in half- moon bay. 68 degrees in liver mother and 66 in dublin. as you make your way into the bay, temperatures in the 60s. looking at nice weather ahead. things change quite a bit, friday a chance of showers,
6:52 am
more rain expected on and off throughout the weekend, elizabeth. it's going to be a busy wet weekend. speaking of a wet mess, we'll go back out to daly city. this has been our breaking news story since 5 this morning. check out the live pictures. it's sort of incredible. blocks of homes and cars still stuck in the mud. this is a hillside park neighborhood where there was a water main break early this morning in daly city. the streets blocked off in the neighborhood, are price street, lausanne avenue near hill top park and another live report coming up. first to the bay bridge, metering lights are on and delays almost to the 880 overcrossing. this is your usual commute getting into san francisco. let's talk about a couple of accidents we've been following, northbound 680, one lane is blocked off there. we have an accident just cleared eastbound lanes of san pablo road, still slow coming through hercules and better
6:53 am
news, they reopened lanes through antioch and the backups are extensive in the westbound lanes of highway 4. back to you guys. something to remember, don't drive if you dozing off behind the wheel. the chp is trying to get the message out about drowsy driving. it can be as dangerous as being drunk and you can get a ticket for it. the highway patrol is on the look out for drivers who might be a little sleepy. >> weaving outside of your lane, it's sporadic braking, take the off ramp, get out of your car, walk around. >> the chp says drowsy driving in california caused 3600 collisions, 32 deaths and more than 2000 injuries back in 2010. state grants could help cut down on drunk driving in the south bay. the san jose police department and the san jose county sheriff's office are getting $180,000 each from the state office of traffic safety.
6:54 am
the money will be used for traffic safety programs. that will include enforcement of traffic safety laws including dui and seat belts. a hillside washed away by a water main break. we're going to get a live report from the scene and what is a big mess down in daly city. stay with us. ,,,, ♪ [ female announcer ] nature exists on the grandest scale...
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hillside has given way after we are live again above our breaking news. this is in daly city. part of a hillside has given away after some sort of water main break. >> a river of mud and debris came rushing down the hill. this happened around 4 this morning. dozens of residents remain evacuated and water service is out for about 100 people. elissa harrington is on the
6:58 am
ground getting all the latest information from the scene and what can you tell us. >> reporter: we're here along lausanne avenue where several blocks with closed off to traffic. trying to clean up the mess. you can see the flooding behind me, a lot of mud and water, but with me i have matt, the pio with north county fire. what happened. >> we were dispatched for a public assist. our fire crews got on scene with local law enforcement and we had a water plain break that was flowing through the street, a lot of mud and debris. got about 4 blocks closed off at this time. we evacuated about 8 homes, about 40 people. we sent those folks over to a senior center just for their safety primarily. none of the debris has flowed into the homes and we have water service impact to a hundred homes until the area. >> reporter: are you concerned about the hillside. >> we're evaluating the hillside to e see how much
6:59 am
debris has flowed off and the struck integrity. that's what -- structural integrity. what's that we're working on this morning. it impacted the traffic in the area for people getting up and getting to work. it's still quite an impact to these folks. we're trying to work with them. >> reporter: thank you so much. a hundred people impacted. they cannot get their water this morning. there is a lot to be done but the good news the water has been turned off. it's a trickle at this point. reporting live in daly city, elissa harrington cbs 5. >> luckily all the homes look like they did okay. >> and we're going to keep you updated all morning. the next local update is at 7:25 and you can stay updated on our web site >> have a good day, everybody.

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